Mindful Stress Relief

I am completing my teacher certification in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). An 8-week course will begin in summer 2016. Stay tuned.

I lead a free weekly half-hour group practice session in Vipassana (Insight) meditation. Thursdays, 12:15-12:45 pm at Friends Center, 1515 Cherry St., Philadelphia. 2nd floor, Monthly Meeting Room.

No experience necessary. It’s nice to know if you’re coming, but drop-ins are very welcome.

Benefits of Meditation*
Meditation helps us on many levels, from simple relaxation to freedom from suffering and full liberation of heart and mind. It allows us to:

  • defuse stress and experience greater calm
  • explore the mind-body relationship
  • connect to our feelings
  • expand our sense of who we are, beyond our fears and self-judgment
  • find genuine happiness
  • discover inner resources that can change our everyday lives
  • awaken our capacity for insight and wisdom
  • transform our worldview from one of isolation and confusion to one of connection, clarity and compassion
  • broaden our perspective and deepen our courage, based on seeing things just as they are

Both short-term consultations and ongoing lesson series are possible. Call to discuss a plan that is designed for your personal needs.

*Excerpted from the Insight Meditation Society website.