Moving Into Mindfulness

An expWalking Meditation Gathering 2014 croppederiential, guided movement class for people at all levels of experience. Discover how to take your mindful movement experience out of the classroom and into everyday living. The workshop explores mindfulness through three components: Qigong, everyday movement, and guided meditation practice.

The formal movement practice centers on the “movement pictures” of Shibashi Qigong, which combines slow, gentle, whole body motion with breathing and present moment awareness.  This deepens bodymind awareness and rebalances energy. The benefits of practicing Qigong are physical — better balance, increased flexibility, enhanced immune system, more vitality — as well as mental and emotional — joy, calm, equanimity, and confidence. (see below)

In the rush of daily activity, we can learn to pause, reconnect to our amazing bodyminds, and consider: what am I doing when I’m moving through routine daily tasks? Sitting, standing, and walking practice will cultivate awareness of how we do things, and using some principles of the Alexander Technique, we will identify the movement habits that restrict healthy functioning and ease in our bodies, and find ways to free ourselves from them. Together, we’ll be gentle and compassionate while also challenging ourselves to try new types of thoughtful motion.

Through guided meditation, mindful eating and communication practice, and in group sharing, we’ll discover how movement is stillness and stillness contains movement.

Part laboratory, part clinic, part playground, Moving Into Mindfulness is relaxing and enlivening. Explore how present moment awareness begins in the body, and how the senses are the pathway to direct revelation. Free yourself from the tyranny of “monkey mind” and from straining yourself to the breaking point. Through mindful practice, we’ll learn how we’re designed to move, release unnecessary tension, and rediscover the joy of well-being.

Moving Into Mindfulness is available with a variety of formats to suit your needs.

  • Weekend workshop. Friday evening to Sunday lunch. Can be in residential community or as “commuters.”
  • One-Day workshop. 7-8 hours together.
  • Half-Day workshop. Morning session ends w/ lunch; afternoon session ends with dinner.
  • 8-Week class series. 75-minute classes at your site, within the Way Opens region.