Somatic Release

Somatic Release: Gentle Healing Touch.

Somatic Release relieves pain and excess tension, calms the body and mind, and provides the opportunity for rest and relaxation. It evolved out of Amy’s experience as a bodyworker and birth doula, and her personal journey of healing. The fundamentals of Somatic Release are rooted in Alexander Technique, and includes elements of Therapeutic Touch, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, and intuitive common sense.

Gentle hands-on help. [photo: Jano Cohen]

Gentle hands-on help.
[photo: Jano Cohen]

Fully clothed and lying on a table, you will experience safe, supportive touch and positive, encouraging words that help you let go of tension and reintegrate body-mind systems into a unified whole. Specific pressure point techniques are combined with subtle energy work. Easy movement of limbs and opening of joints may be incorporated, and various breathing patterns might be explored. Improved energetic flow leads to a deeply relaxed state of being; you’ll feel refreshed and at ease as a result.

Somatic Release is especially useful for individuals recovering from physical or emotional trauma, for those with mobility issues, and as a supplement to healing from surgery. It is also great for times when you are just plain exhausted and need a little TLC. If you are feeling overwhelmed, a Somatic Release session might be just the thing.

60 and 30 minute sessions are available. Visit the Details page for more information. Or schedule your session now, right here.

Amy brings great intelligence and compassion to this collaboration, plus x-ray vision and gifted touch. – Maya L., writer