What People Say


“I have a new understanding of my body. I feel energized and empowered.”

“Amy teaches me how to be at home in my body, to map its habitual discomforts and relinquish them. She brings great intelligence and compassion to this collaboration, plus x-ray vision and gifted touch.”

“When I heard of the Alexander Technique I thought, ‘What the hell would an orator know about body work?’ I was sure it was bollocks. But after a friend used it and then I tried it — it was freaking amazing!!!!   I was cooking professionally at the time and had a bit of tennis elbow.  My Alexander Tech teacher told me to bend my knees (WTF) to make my elbow feel better.  And it worked! EVERY TIME.

“Amy’s expertise and gentle help has taught me a lot about how to use and move my body optimally. Her guidance and nurturing touch has helped me to improve my posture and become more aware of how I move, all in one single session. As a massage therapist, I recommend sessions with Amy to many of my clients. Amy brings them deep relaxation and postural awareness which can make permanent changes in their lives. If you have not yet experienced an Alexander Technique session with Amy, then I highly recommend that you do so as soon as possible. You will feel wonderful!”

“What this workshop gave me is difficult to express because it is so powerful. I feel more confident in who I am and I have less need to be something that I’m not.

“Each time I have worked with Amy I’ve been blessed with immediate, therapeutic results, and impressed by how much I learned about my body that I was able to integrate so quickly.”

“Amy is delightful to work with, as she brings a wealth of knowledge and an open mind to each interaction. She tailors each appointment to the needs of the moment, helping to address whatever problems you bring each session. All that, and she is entertaining and funny, to boot.”

“The movement brought me to a more centered state of being. It’s deep preparation for entering meditation or worship, or when encountering a stressful situation.”

“The Alexander Technique has helped me dispel the creakiness that comes with age and my lessons leave me feeling like I have well-oiled joints from head to toe. As a professor, I can now stand in front of my classes relaxed and confident.”

“The best part of being a professional bodyworker is being able to do exchanges with other practitioners! I had an awesome session with Amy Ward Brimmer. If you’re in the Philadelphia area and you have a body, I highly recommend that you get a session (or a bunch of sessions!) with Amy.”

“I don’t have to work as hard at good posture as I thought. I can get to a point of balance that is practically effortless. I like to explore, and Alexander lessons allow me to remember what I once knew naturally. It’s as if I were on an archeological dig that uncovers the self I was born with.”Zan's bowl 19

“My work as a professional actor and stage combatant demands that I be able to move easily, with a minimum of muscular tension. Alexander work with Amy has been enlightening, in that it has shown me how to let go of unnecessary tension and perform with more strength and grace, while also avoiding strain and injury.”

“Maintaining my own positive energy level is essential. Through the Alexander Technique I am learning how to work in alignment, free of tension, so that I provide a higher level, more energetic massage to my clients. Amy is a skilled teacher who shares her knowledge in a gentle, relaxing manner. The words and imagery she uses to reinforce the experience are effective and inspiring.”